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The primary goal of Unified Communications as a Service or UCaaS is a simple user experience, which promotes cost savings, efficient operations, better-informed decision making, improved customer engagement, and more. With Unified Communications as a Service, California Telecom provides its clients with convenient connectivity that empowers them to be successful in today’s collaborative virtual network environment.
With UCaaS, California Telecom brings phones, computer applications, mobile applications, and all other communications available in-house under a single umbrella of unified communications. Unified communications service by California Telecom empowers its clients to work seamlessly in a collaborative manner.




State of the art phone system

without the initial cost of buying, installing, and programming


California Telecom offers the best in hosted PBX telephone systems. With a hosted PBX model, your company does not need to pay the initial upfront costs of buying, installing, and programming on-site PBX equipment to implement a state of the art Voice over IP phone system. Hosted PBX systems are highly efficient by using the same equipment and connections for both telecommunications and IP infrastructure. Voice quality is never compromised because of California Telecom’s highly optimized network, which utilizes Quality of Service to prioritize voice packets over data packets. This allows for crystal clear calls scoring a high 4.0 on the Mean Opinion Score an industry standard for measuring voice quality. Data is secured through the use of advanced network services such as MPLS.
Unified communications service at California Telecom is hosted, managed, and maintained by the team of expert and trained engineers. We also offer a complete redesign of the complex phone systems to ensure a proper call flow. California Telecom offers a free of cost redesigning of your communication structure if you sign up for UCaaS (unified communications as a service) as we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients.
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